Over the past year, us ZombiePimps have been participating in the Warped Gaming League’s BF3 tournaments.

We’ve been quite successful, earning 1st place in 5v5 Conquest Division 2 Season 1, and 2nd place in 4v4 Squad Rush Division 2 Season 1.

Since the start of Season 2 (and Season 1 of 8v8 Conquest) we have been in the Premiership Division, and we have had many victories and have generally been on form and in the top 3 consistently.

As both myself and FenixFromFlames record matches, we have begun uploading footage from the matches. Not highlight reels or montages, just straight footage from the games.

You can find them here:

BF3 Clan Matches [ZombiePimps YouTube]
BF3 Clan Matches [Fenix YouTube]

You can find them here:

ZP Clan Match Results