The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Starved for Help

Episode 2 features the same excellent characterisation, drama and writing as in episode 1, but a few rough edges start to appear.
The Episode suffers from pop up, screen lag, and some sound problems with noticeable lip sync issues.
The characters are as great as always with the choices you made in the previous episode still fresh in there minds.
Gameplay wise its more of the same with some tough choices to make and minor puzzles to solve.
Overall Episode 2 is another thrilling step into the world of the Walking Dead that gives 2 hours of entertainment that shows some slight signs of decay but is still an essential purchase.

8.5/10 – 87%

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Alan Wake was an excellent game with sharp writing and tight gameplay, its a shame the same cant be said for this xbla release that feels more like DLC than a full game.
American Nightmare features 3 environments that you must revisit over and over again in a time loop story that makes no sense.
The gameplay stays the same all the way through its 4 to 5 hour length and the writing feels rushed and sloppy compared to the original.
You meet 3 characters that have terrible dialogue and stiff lifeless models.
The game also features a horde style mode that was supposed to be the full game until the story mode was added, its fun and faintly addictive but lacks a co-op mode.
Overall if you want more Alan Wake you will be both happy and disappointed in equal measure.

6/10 – 68%

The Scores are both out of ten and 100%.

~Lethal Hunter