• About the ZombiePimps

    We are a UK-based community, with ages ranging from 16-35+.

    We currently consist of about 15 active members and a bunch more who are unable to participate as often.

    Our members come from all walks of life, and all parts of the United Kingdom. From the frigid Scottish highlands to not-so-sunny South Wales, to the Emerald Isle\'s Larne, to the mean streets of Newcastle, and to central London.

    What connects us is gaming - We are gamers, regardless of our jobs, religions, races or creeds. When you pick up your controller or hold your mouse, we are family.

  • Join Us

    If you are interested in entering the crypt and joining us, please jump on the forum and sign up. Once approved, you can introduce yourself.

    While we do not have a strict trial period or anything like that, we are looking for players who fit with us. We are an unusual bunch, and while we play for fun we also play hard. As such, we are not for everyone. If we feel you are not having a good time or are not mixing well with us, or if you break the solid rules, then you are out.

    Check out the full information on the About Us page.

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